Gallery of living stills or cinemagraphs

Seamless animated gifs from self-shot content, documentaries and films

Electric Objects

Contributing artist at Electric Objects, a screen that displays art with a dedicated app


Contributing artist at Gallereplay, an online marketplace for cinemagraphs.


Created cinemagraphs for the website of AnnaPurna Pictures, a movie production company based in Los Angeles

Come Alive Images

Contributing artist at Come Alive Images, a company that licences gifs worldwide.


Created custom cinemagraph for Instagram account of Live Lokai bracelets.


Contributing artist at Blackdove. An online artgallery which streams to any screen via an app.

Tumblr Creatrs Network

Part of Tumblr Creatrs Network, where select Tumblr artist create custom content for advertisers.


Created cinemagraphs from documentaries for IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam)


Created cinemagraphs from movies and self shot content of the ‘Pluk de Nacht’ open air film festival in Amsterdam